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Your stairs take your space to a whole new level, quite literally. That is why the design elements of your stair railing are of the utmost importance. 

Before you start searching online for “best stair railing contractors near me”, you may want to take a step back and consider a very important aspect of commercial/residential stair railing design–railing color! 

While neutral stair railing colors are an obvious choice, they are not always the best choice for your space. Here are some tips and tricks to consider when determining which color is the right choice for your commercial or residential stair railing: 

  • Look For Inspiration– If you are having trouble finding the right stair railing color it may be time to seek out inspiration. A simple Pinterest or Google search can get the creative juices flowing and provide you with some fresh ideas for your home or business. 
  • Examine Your Space– Draw inspiration from your current space and design elements. If there is a recurring theme, or color scheme, then consider a stair railing color that compliments your current design. If you are unhappy with the look and feel of your space, you can consider stair railing installation as a great opportunity to redesign your space.  
  • Consult an Expert– When all else fails you can consult an expert to help you pick the right stair railing color for your home or business. Interior designers, stair railing contractors, and other professionals can help you determine which materials and colors are the right choice for your space. 

Need help determining the right color for your new stair railing? If you are searching “best stair railing contractors near me” online, then you can rest easy knowing that you found us! 

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