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No commercial space is complete without business signage. While there are many different types of custom signs available to businesses one of the most popular sign options continues to be channel letter signs–and for good reason! 

Ideal for any space including restaurants, banks, stores, medical centres, and more, channel letter signage is highly diverse and customizable, meaning, you can get exactly what you want from your business signage when you choose channel letter signage. 

There is no one specific type of channel letter signage. When you choose to invest in this form of custom signage for your business, there are many styles and lighting options available to you, including: 

  • Reverse Lit– Reverse lit channel letter signs, or halo lit signs, reflect light from LED or neon bulbs onto the wall that your channel letters are mounted on. This creates an eye-catching halo effect. 
  • Face Lit– This common type of channel letter signage is a front-lit signage option that uses LED or bulb lighting to shine from their acrylic face. 
  • Face & Reverse Lit Combo– You can have the best of both worlds with a combo sign that combines face lit and halo lit effects. The result? A striking, luminous, and eye-catching design that can be seen even from a great distance. 
  • Non-Lit– For the traditionalist there is such a thing as non-lit channel letter signage. Ideal for interior spaces, the non-lit channel letter sign is a classic piece of art, usually crafted from premium metals or acrylic materials. 

As you can clearly see, there are more than one type of channel letter signs for your business. For whatever style fits your needs most, we are here to help you design the impressionable custom sign that adds brand appeal and beauty to your business. 

At Laser Art Customs we create custom channel letter signs to help you effectively market your business. Available in a wide variety of styles, fonts, and materials, our channel letter signage is crafted to meet your exact specifications and requirements. Whether you want stainless steel channel letter signage, custom sign lettering with backlighting, or something else, we are here to help you get the most from your business signage at the best prices. 

We believe that your sign is more than a piece of marketing material, it is a piece of art! Contact us today to learn more about channel letter signage and other custom signs for your Canadian business!