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If you are looking for an attractive and functional outdoor feature to add appeal to your space, then an outdoor pergola may be the right choice. As one of the most popular shade embellishments for the GTA area, pergola structures accentuate patios and add a range of practical benefits such as shade and style. 

If you want to have a custom pergola structure installed in your commercial or residential space, then keep reading to learn more about the best materials for your pergola structure and find out more about how to get started on creating a custom pergola for your property. 

Best Pergola Materials 

Putting a pergola in your outdoor space, whether residential or commercial, provides you with a wide range of benefits, including expanding living space, enhanced beauty, increased shade, etc. However, these benefits depend greatly on the specific materials you choose for your outdoor pergola structure. Here are some of the best materials for your outdoor pergola: 

  • Steel (ideal for harsh weather conditions)
  • Aluminium (cost-effective & non-porous)
  • Vinyl (sturdy, affordable, & attractive)
  • Fibreglass (low-maintenance & resilient)

While the specific materials you choose for your pergola structure plays an important role in the overall quality of your outdoor pergola, the metal fabricator you select for your project will make all the difference when it comes to the quality and duration of your pergola structure. 

Keep reading to learn more about where to start when looking for the best metal fabricator for your outdoor pergola project. 

Where to Start? 

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